If conditions are such that extremely rapid spreading of a fire can be expected, then Aksis water-spray extinguishing systems can provide maximum safety. Water-spray extinguishing systems operate with open extinguisher nozzles which, in the event of fire, distribute the extinguishing water over the entire protected area, the quantity of extinguishant needed being minimal. Spray extinguishing increases the surface area of the extinguishing water, entrains the heat of in addition to this cooling effect there is a smothering effect because the steam produced impedes the oxygen supply to the base of the fire. Water-spray extinguishing systems are designed for space or equipment protection. In the case of space protection the extinguishing water is distributed evenly across the whole area of the fire hazard. The extinguishing nozzles are therefore arranged evenly spaced at ceiling level, In the case of equipment protection systems, defined objects particularly subject to fire hazard are provided with water spray for protection or for preventive cooling. The extinguishing nozzles are therefore arranged to be specifically aimed at the object. For tall objects they may also be installed at several levels.