At sea, safety requirements for ships are of the utmost importance. This also applies to fire protection measures. After all, in the event of fire, rapid escape is usually impossible and the prompt arrival of help from outside cannot be expected. In light of the various types of fire risks which exist on board ships, specific solutions are necessary for the space or object to be protected in order to ensure optimal fire protection on board.
Areas that deserve special attention include rooms with electrical and electronic devices, such as control rooms, control cabinets and smaller machine rooms on ships. In such risk areas, extinguishing systems which put out fires quickly yet carefully are essential, in order to ensure that sensitive equipment is not damaged by residues left by the extinguishing agent. With the MX 1230 Marine and MX 200 Marine clean agent fire suppression system, Aksis has developed solutions which meet the demanding requirements on board a ship. For instance, the fire suppression systems can even be dimensioned wIth 50-bar system pressure.
The systems are distinguished through the presence of the authorised and tested chemical suppressors NovecTM 1230 and HFC-227ea: neither fire suppressor is corrosive nor electrically conductive, nor causes any damage to sensitive parts through short circuits or residues. The MX 1230 Marine and MX 200 Marine dean agent fire suppression systems are available for tugboats, coast and inland navigation vessels and small yachts, in addition to drilling rigs The size of the room to be protected is a key focus for both systems. As a result, they offer optimal fire protection in smaller rooms, and are fully certified with all major marine sector approvals.