The special conditions at sea mean that safety is an incredibly important issue for ships. The aim is to prevent any danger to make sure everything runs smoothly on board. And the key safety issue for passenger ships is of course the people on board. Ships are subject to a whole range of fire risks, which means fire protection on board has to be all the more effective. After all, in the event of a fire, it is not as easy to escape when at sea, and prompt fire-fighting assistance from outside cannot be counted on. Minimax has developed the Minifog marine XP water mist extinguishing system specially for maritime risks. It takes high-pressure technology to new dimensions. Many years of experience in water mist extinguishing technology and the marine sector have gone into the research, and the Minifog marine XP is the result. It complies with all relevant directives and, above all, it is extremely easy to use. Minifog marine XP offers the optimum allaround protection for seagoing and inland navigation vessels. The fire protection system can protect passenger, public and storage areas, as well as engine rooms. In short, it’s an entirely new level of operational safety. The Minifog marine XP features a sophisticated design which has been thought through right down to the last detail – from installation to protection against clogging or breakdown.


The efficient Minifog marine XP water mist extinguishing system can be used in all areas of the ship:

Accommodation, public space and store areas

Engine rooms

Local application system


Minifog marine XP advantages:

Uses 90% less extinguishing water than classic sprinkler systems.

Engine rooms of up to 8,235 m³ volume.

Conduit diameters from 10 to 42 mm save valuable space.

No separate fi re protection system needed to protect the engine rooms.

Just one sprinkler in a cabin can cover up to 32 m².

Sprinklers can be spaced up to 6 m apart in the corridors.

Protects the entire engine rooms, including objects and the bilge, with just one nozzle type.

Stainless steel sprinklers and nozzles.

Sprinkler and nozzle outlet ports 1 mm in diameter or more. No risk at clogging.

Engine rooms (incl. bilge) can be protected without foaming agent.